What is a Hands-Free Massage?


By Dr. Ava Cadell

There’s a reason people love to watch mud wrestling. Bodies covered from head to toe in a slippery substance is not only compelling, it’s erotic. So it’s no surprise that Nuru massage has become very popular. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a full-body massage technique where both parties (or more!) get completely covered in massage gel from head to toe, and use their bodies to caress, scratch, rub, tickle, knead, slip, slide and stroke the other person’s body. It’s the ultimate mutual massage thrill. Ladies, let your lover slide himself between your breasts, holding them together firmly but gently, pressing them around his penis for a sensual massage. Guys, touch your female partner in slow motion to heighten her sensitivity and increase her arousal, causing the clitoris to engorge.

The Japanese word “nuru nuru” means slippery, so you want to use a luxurious massage oil that doesn’t get sticky over time – because you do want to take your time!

To enjoy a Nuru massage, you oil up your bodies to begin massaging each other’s shoulders, back and legs. Body slide over each other and discover what feels good as you go, with peace of mind knowing that these all natural ingredients are safe for your body. I recommend beginning your “hands-free massage” with the breath, followed by using your hair. Then cover your body in massage gel and get on top of your partner using different parts of your body to massage them, such as your chin, elbows, nipples, butt. Sensually, slide up and down in slow motion, then from side to side and in circular motions, using your genitals to massage your lover to a happy ending!

Nuru massage offers a unique feeling of weightless freedom that is truly extraordinary. I urge couples to try it because not only is it therapeutic to share massages, it’s also something new and exciting for your sex life. Slicked-down bodies are unencumbered bodies, which makes for a whole new world of positions with your lover, igniting your imagination in new ways, such as bodies poised together in a 69 position, both partners fueling each other’s mutual orgasms. You might want to use sex furniture to make the experience even more dynamic.